About Burntside Lake

A jewel among Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.

Burntside Lake is a 7,100 acre jewel a few miles from the Canadian border on the edge of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA). Deep, with a rocky, irregular shoreline, the lake is dotted with more than 100 islands, including the protected Burntside Islands Scientific and Natural Area.

Home to many fish species, including lake trout, walleye, northern pike, and many types of smaller fish, the lake offers abundant year-round scenic and recreational opportunities.

BWCA access is via the Crab Lake portage, which enters the wilderness area off the northwest shore of the lake.

“I named this place Listening Point because only when one comes to listen, only when one is aware and still, can things be seen and heard.  Everyone has a listening point somewhere.  It does not have to be in the north or close to the wilderness, but someplace of quiet where the universe can be contemplated with awe.” 

– Sigurd F. Olson, Listening Point (1958), Burntside Lake

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