About Paul Rome

Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

I’m a Minnesota-based photographer specializing in bespoke creative and allegorical portraiture. Whether a studio portrait, environmental capture, or personal branding set, I thrive on creating memorable images in diverse settings. While photography has not been my full-time occupation in many years, I always visualize the scene in front of me through a lens—real or imagined. I learned to shoot on black and white film, shot full time for a while, had a book published and placed a number of features in national-circulation magazines. While my career eventually took me in other directions, I’ve never stopped shooting. And while I loved the darkroom, I’m digital through-and-through.

As with every passion that spans years, the focus, style and nuance of my subjects continues to evolve. I’m happy to share my images and journal with the few of you who might wander across this far recess of our connected world. So welcome all fellow seers and seekers. May you make the most of the light before you.

Photo: Ferrol Rome


Creating memorable portraiture is always a collaboration. Whether between the subject and photographer, or the people required for the logistics of getting you to a destination, it’s never a purely solo effort. I love to collaborate and bring that unexpected nugget of a scene to individuals and groups looking for the visually impactful.

•    Bespoke individual and family images
•    Lifestyle and environmental portraits
•    Corporate and personal branding images
•    Location and destination captures

I welcome inquiries! Let’s talk about how we can make the  lasting and memorable images you seek.

Paul can be reached at

Photo:  Jeffrey D. Rome

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